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On the Issues
Sally Lorberbaum : Informed and Involved

We need to build stronger relationships with our neighbor cities, our school district, and civic leaders. Connections need to be nourished and synergies uncovered. Mendota Heights is no longer a new town with lots of open space; it is almost fully developed. We need to focus on maintaining the high quality of life we have, while being proactive regarding changes and opportunities that will affect us. This will mean constant vigilance and open, frequent communications.

Airplane Noise

We need to keep a constant vigil to ensure that the regulated flight paths are enforced. Mendota Heights must take a leadership position when working with federal and state officials to hold the MSP Airport officials accountable for promises they have made. Residents are noticing flights straying off the agreed upon flight paths. Mendota Heights must insist that aircraft use agreed upon flight paths unless safety issues cause a departure from standard corridor procedures. We need to encourage the airlines' use of state of the art noise-reducing techniques. There must be equity of runway use over our neighboring communities. As MSP airport nears capacity, we need to partner with neighboring communities to ensure that a third runway over Mendota Heights does not become a foregone solution.

Business Development

City officials need to be proactive in keeping businesses in our community and bringing new opportunities into the community whenever possible. Our businesses enhance our community, and our residents need to support the many wonderful businesses that have chosen to locate Mendota Heights, both in our office park and near our neighborhoods.

The Village at Mendota Heights, or Town Center, as many residents call the area, continues to be developed. New businesses are opening and residents are beginning to reserve Market Square Park for special celebrations. Community events such as free concerts and sleigh rides are quickly becoming annual family traditions. Senior housing, townhomes and condominiums provide a more complete life-cycle of housing to residents who wish to stay in Mendota Heights as their needs change over time. For the latest information regarding community events at The Village, visit their website,

Residents are excited to watch the redesign of Mendota Plaza. Plans, accomplished in a series of phases, include keeping many of the existing tenants as well as the addition of a Walgreens, a restaurant building, child care, a three to four story senior housing facility, and several new businesses. The site will be pedestrian friendly and feature a sidewalk system, a plaza for community gathering, sitting areas and water fountains. For the latest information regarding community events at Mendota Plaza, visit their website,

Garbage Pickup

Many residents have asked about the possibility of the city contracting with a single garbage service. Residents complain about multiple garbage trucks traveling by their homes each day and multiple times a week. The duplication of routes also means additional wear on our streets. If elected, I will request that city staff look into the pluses and minuses of a citywide garbage service contract, including whether this contract would translate into lowering the cost of garbage pickup to our residents.

Par 3

While 78% of city-owned courses lost money in 2008, Mendota Heights' Par 3 is a self-supporting enterprise. It had a net Income of $15,753 in its first full year as a city-owned golf course after expenses, which included clubhouse renovation, bunker and turf rehabilitation, and new lawn mowers. Net revenue continued to grow in 2009.

"The number of rounds of golf increased as improvements were made to the maintenance building, and greens continued to be rehabilitated. The landscape project near the clubhouse received positive feedback as to the impact on the course experience. With two full years of operations on the books, the course is developing benchmarks for performance to be utilized for budgeting and gauging course success." (Source: Mendota Heights Par 3 Annual Report 2009)

If you wish to report a complaint or concern with the MSP Airport Commission, their phone number is 612-726-9411.

Dog Park

I support city staff looking into the logistics of setting aside some land for a dog park. We need to determine whether an appropriate location exists, the costs, the liabilities, and if support for the park exist among the proposed location's neighbors and the community at large.

Access and Openness to City Government

"The vast majority of citizens do not interface with the City on a regular basis. We must ensure that when residents need assistance, government will be accessible, enabling, and resident-friendly."